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February 6-10, 2019 Free
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Dates & Times

  • Feb 6, 2019
    6:30am - 8:00am
  • Feb 10, 2019
    6:00pm - 7:30pm


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About Leadership Development

THEO 254: Ecclesiology

In this ten-week group learning cohort, we read portions of a number different books and address the Church, church offices, counseling, mission, and more. Each week a different student leads a discussion on what we read and how it is playing out in the processes and work of our head, heart, and hands.

Completion of Theo 101 is required. 

There will be two groups:

Wednesdays at 6:30am at The Resolved beginning February 6 with Pastor Ryan Buss.

Sundays at 6:00pm at The Resolved beginning February 10 with Pastor Duane Smets.


The Church by Mark Dever [pages 3-90]

Elders & Deacons by Alexander Strauch [attached readings]

Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands by Paul David Tripp [pages 1-276]

Center Church by Tim Keller [attached readings]

The Unbelievable Gospel by Jonathan Dodson (pages 35-144)

There's only three books to buy this round, the other readings are short and attached to the link. Some people are either not great readers or prefer listening books on audio, this is perfectly fine and acceptable.